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aaspass ngo

I live in KKNagar Chennai and i would like to know ngo activities that are happening in my neighborhood. (especially on weekends). It could be a cleaning drive, book/cloth/shoe donation, blood collection drives, orphanage food distribution etc. I would like to participate with my family (if possible) for one of these events that's in my neighborhood.
And on important date such as birthdays, anniversaries etc, i might make a donation as well.
In essence i want to participate in my neighborhood events.
If there an application/site that would make this happen. Is this idea worth diving further.


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    To make it more dynamic, if it can be a mobile app which can provide update on NGO's in the nearby locality (based on dynamic GPS position), add a new NGO based on your visit, provision to give a feedback scoring for the NGO you visited based on your first hand experience, that can eventually grow as a full fledged NGO Database along with dynamic guiding as well

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    Thanks for submitting your idea. Upon reviewing the idea the screening panel recommended that you club your idea and work on the team that has submitted "Tech Support to NGOs". Alternatively you can also join other NGO ideas that will be presented tomorrow by the non-profits.

    Opportunity Hack Core Team

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