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Don't waste food

Most of the people in our society is not having even a single meal a day .Serving food for needy ones from us is the motto .

Since many of us wasting food material on large manner these days starting from our house to large restaurants. We build a system to make an system to efficiently utilize the food , where an volunteer from an area will collect food from that particular area based on the request made by the people in that area. Then the food is quality checked and then it to the partnering organisation or people those who need foods. Also the acknowledgement will be sent to the providers.


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    Excess food ,which might be wasted on large family occasions, can be put to good use and given to the needy.

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    Thanks for submitting your idea and we decided not to pursue the idea further. We recommend that you join another idea team during the hack tomorrow.

    Opportunity Hack Core Team

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