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Air Force Association

Air Force Association was formed on 15 September, 1980, as a non-political body and registered under the Societies Registration Act of 1860, with a mandate to promote the welfare of retired Air Force personnel, their families and families of those who are deceased.

The association receives policies regarding pensions and other details in form of PDF's or Excel sheets from the government. The following steps are done manually today : reading through the policies, comparing the details of the servicemen with the criteria mentioned in the policy, calculating pension, informing the parties if the person is not receiving an eligible amount and informing the candidate about next steps.

They want hackers to automate these steps with the following features : user interface for entering the details of the policies, view policies, edit policies, search for policies, execute the policies and get the list of eligible candidates, calculate their pension and notify the local chapter through emails, generation of PDF file with the candidate details and the issue details , user interface for creating case, search for cases, view and edit cases.


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