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Redefining the way Donations are made

The basic idea is to increase the transparency and the quality of the products being donated whether it is a food item or anything. Let me explain this with a example. http://www.goodlifecentre.org/ is an organization for homeless people. Suppose if a person wants to make a donation like a meal for all of them in that organization then he has to donate amount required for rice and groceries , vegetables etc .. After that the same quality of meal would be given to the people there (which is given daily) and we even don't know how transparent the process is. Not only in the case of food it's the same in every possible kind of donation made. So in order to overcome this a web portal would be made where the person donating can find these kind of organizations and then he can select what kind of food he can give where he would be provided with a list of caterers in that area and he can make sure what kind of food is given,quality,quantity etc.. at his own wish. Similarly the idea extends to every possible donation made. Like stationery , clothing for children where he can buy online or from local merchants and ship it to the organization etc ..This way it increases the transparency and quality of donations being made.Organizations also can post their requirements and they can be fulfilled by the people making donations.

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    Thanks for submitting your idea. Upon reviewing the idea we decided to not pursue your idea, but also recommend that you club your idea and work on the team that has submitted "Abhilasha". Alternatively you can also join other NGO ideas that will be presented tomorrow by the non-profits.

    Opportunity Hack Core Team

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