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Abhilasha - Cherish a Child

Our target audience is (i) NGOs working for underprivileged children and (ii) people who donate or wish to donate for such causes.
NGOs find it difficult to collect ample donations while potential donors are uncertain whether their contribution will be judiciously and rightly spent. The funds that NGOs may also be mismanaged
We are building a platform where we will on-board such NGOs and donors. When an NGO registers, it creates profiles for all its children. A children has 'needs' (essential eg. fooding, clothing, tuition, healthcare etc) and 'wishes' (optional eg. toys, sports goods, gadgets etc). A potential donor can view the children and their needs/wishes. He can donate to fulfill a need/wish of a child individually or in collaboration with others. The mismanagement by NGO will no longer persist leading to more trust on donor's side. When a person makes a donation, he can then track how his money is being utilized and also the progress of the child (updated by respective NGO/organization).

Team Members:
Chandra Gaurav Sharma - chansharma@paypal.com
Akash Anand - akanand@paypal.com
Yagyavrat Sharma - yagsharma@paypal.com
Rajan Prasad - rajprasad@paypal.com
Vijay Kumar - vijmkumar@paypal.com

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    Thanks for submitting your idea. Upon reviewing the idea the screening panel has decided to pursue your idea. Also we recommend that you club with "Redefining the Way Donations are Made" team.

    Opportunity Hack Core Team

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