Manager   •   about 9 years ago

Chennai Data Portal

In February 2014, the Corporation of Chennai and Transparent Chennai signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to collaborate to create India’s first city-level data portal and dashboard to be used for planning and monitoring, and also to promote proactive disclosure.

The technical challenge that they would like participants of the Hackathon to solve is to develop is an analytical dashboard that will help the city improve its education system. They want to create a tool that will enable officials to monitor the quality of infrastructure, staffing, resource alignment and performance management. The tool should reliably measure, collect, track and share timely information on students, teachers and schools across the city to enable the Corporation of Chennai to better manage its schools and to improve the quality of education.

The project should channel all necessary data into a central repository and use dashboard tools to present relevant information to key decision makers and stakeholders. It should be able to collect and curate data on administration, infrastructure, operations, human resources, finances and student performance, and be able to present the data with sufficient detail to effectively address problems.


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