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Tech Support to NGOs - Managing NGOs

Mostly NGO volunteers are non technical people with focus on their initiatives. So maintaining a web portal for displaying their ideas, associated initiatives, upcoming events, achievements, contact information and ways to contribute ( monetary donation or self volunteering) becomes a headache for them.
Hence, we though of easing it out for them by offering them facility to register on our portal, maintain all the information, update their photos, status, events and other details. Our portal, on the other hand will maintain all the data from many such NGOs and provide categorized browse through facility for users to have look upon NGOs in their area with specific initiatives, upcoming events of such NGOs and ability contact any such NGO, make monetary contributions etc.
Summarizing, the idea is to develop a web portal that manages NGOs, help them advertise and update details online instead of NGOs spending efforts in maintaining one such portal on their own.

Team Members:
1. Dhruv Sharma email: dhrsharma@paypal.com
2. Komal Bansal email: kobansal@paypal.com
3. Shagun Srivastava email: shagsrivastava@paypal.com

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    Thanks for submitting your idea. Upon reviewing the idea the screening panel decided to pursue with your idea. We also recommend that you consider clubbing with the idea "aaspaas".

    Opportunity Hack Core Team

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