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It's not the end if it's not happy

Worldwide 1 million people commit suicide each year. In India ~1.3 lakh people committed suicide in 2013. TamilNadu toped the list with ~16K suicides. In Chennai about 25 out of every 1 lakh individuals commit suicide. Chennai has highest suicide rate in India.

One of the top reason why people end their lives is:
- low self worth. May be due to
a rejection in relationship:
failure : in exams, job. Suicide rate in educated persons is more than less/uneducated.
- general depression about life: thinking their life is not important, no meaning or purpose in life
Each suicide leaves at least 7 people devastated. Those are generally family members and others who survive following the death of their loved one by suicide.

Doing good makes you feel good.
Helping others brings happiness.

Lots of studies have highlighted that service to others, help you feel less stressed, more grateful to what you have and force you to look at positives in life.
We believe that by connecting a person (having suicidal tendencies/inclination) with an NGO we can be inject the sense of self-worth in him/her.
Most of the times suicidal person wish there was an alternative to committing suicide, but he/she just can't see one.
We wish to be able to provide them the alternative which adds a new purpose and meaning to their lives.

We would create a platform which will collect basic data about the suicidal person and appropriately route him/her to NGOs which might be seeking services of person with such skills. Our platform would have a comprehensive database of existing NGOs and the kind of skills/interests they look for in volunteers. Based on data gathered from interactions with suicidal person we’ll notify relevant NGOs in and around the area to contact such person.

This platform will not only save a life but also help enrich life of many others.
Please reach out if you would like to team up.


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    Please follow the rules for participant submitted ideas

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    Looking forward to changing the world this weekend and impacting millions of people.

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    Could you please clarify the comment?
    According to our understanding this idea addresses broad social issue of 'suicides'. It is going to help all NGOs which generally are short of volunteers.


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    Thanks for submitting your idea. Upon reviewing the idea the screening panel decided not to pursue with this idea. We recommend that you join other NGO ideas that will be presented tomorrow by the non-profits.

    Opportunity Hack Core Team

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