Participate-Contribute-Get Helped

Participate->Contribute->Get Helped

We would like the computer users to participate in social activities, contribute to the society which creates opportunities for themselves to get helped. We wanted to help inviduals to contribute various resorces through various options displayed in our event management module. Event management module displays events based on calendar and system user can view more details about events and also share the same on social media. This helps in generating more funds for the NGO organization. This system also helps in channelizing the efforts between NGO and beneficiary/donor. When a beneficiary or donor logs a request, NGO is alerted and necessary steps are carried out to meet the requests. Dashboard helps in giving various analytics related information. Analytics like total money raised and total money required at any point of time, number of events versus money generated ratio, number of users visiting from which geographic location, etc. enables the NGO to keep track of their activities helping them to perform more.

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